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World Happiness Report

It’s the kind canada goose clearance of question the United Nations has been asking thousands of people canada goose factory sale around the world for its yearly Happiness Survey. It gets people to rate their happiness buy canada goose jacket levels from a not so great zero to a very contented ten! That helps them to rank the happiest countries in the world: Australia came in at 9th just behind the Kiwis, which means we should probably all move to New Zealand. But the happiest countries of all were European ones like Denmark, Iceland and Norway Cheap Canada Goose Uk which topped the list, now making it the happiest place on earth!

It might make sense being a country Canada Goose Outlet of Eurovision winners, brown cheese and frozen pizzas; apparently Norwegians love them so https://www.canadagoose-sale.co.uk much they go through more than 20 million a year! But it also gets very cold and very dark in Norway. So what exactly is it that makes this country, and the others in the top ten, so darn happy?

canada goose outlet parka Well, the UN says it comes down to a bunch of different factors like how long people expect to live for, how healthy their country’s economy is, how much they trust their government, and how canada goose uk outlet well the government looks after its citizens. Norway scored well in all of those areas and Norwegians say it makes sense. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet HARALD EIA, NORWEGIAN COMEDIAN: The answer to why Norwegians are happy, it’s a bit boring, it’s well functioning institutions. The schools, healthcare, police, all the Canada Goose online bureaucracy treat people with respect canada goose black friday sale and that trickles down and makes us happy, makes us canada goose uk black friday trust each other, makes us feel a part of the cheap canada goose uk whole community. canada Canada Goose Jackets goose canadian goose jacket outlet

One of the things all of the canada goose uk shop top ten countries share is universal healthcare. It means all citizens have Canada Goose Online the right to that care without having to pay lots of money for it. The survey also considers people’s incomes, but it said canada goose store happiness is definitely not all about money; it’s about having time and freedom to do more than work, and Norwegians again, agree!

canada goose outlet shop MARIN MAAL, RESEARCHER: I think it’s the work/life balance. So we have a big safety net, so we get free education, free healthcare and it’s really good. We’re close to the nature. canada goose outlet shop

But if there are super happy countries, then there are also less happy ones. Several African nations scored the lowest on the survey, along with Syria. That’s because those countries have been affected by things uk canada goose like war, famine, or corrupt governments. There are also some happier, developed cheap Canada Goose countries that have been dropping on the list, like the US.

canada goose black friday sale Researchers say the happiness report is really important because it helps to show which policies are working, so governments around the world can help canada goose coats to make all of their people a little bit happier! canada goose black friday sale

1. What was the main point of the BTN story?

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3. Which country was ranked the happiest in the world?

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Three things that makes me happy are eating, lollies and friends.

I’m happy to live in Australia because I have a house to live in, a family that loves me and money to buy me food. African nations have scored the lowest on the survey along with Syria because these countries have been affected by war and by war I mean you walk outside your house and there is fighting and bobs going off, there is not enough food and there is an unfair government like police steal from people but the government doesn’t do anything.

canada goose outlet uk sale Some things that make me happy are, my pets, my family and ice cream. canada goose outlet uk sale

Australia would be even better if it was a bigger country, because more people can come into the country and that means more jobs witch means more teachers, more doctors and less patients.

canada goose factory outlet I think Australia came 9th place in the whole world because Australia is a bit boring and there are not many features. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose outlet toronto factory Why are most people in Europe are happy? Why is Norway is the happiest country in the world,but it is such a gloomy place? I think Norway came 1st place in the happiest country in the world because they are close to nature and because it is snowy so they get to have heaps of snowball fights! canada goose outlet toronto factory

30 Mar 2017 1:21:55pm

Australia makes me happy because we do not have a lot of wars. I think we are 9th because we have less wars than a lot of countries and I thought that we were going to be buy canada goose jacket cheap higher because we are a good country like Norway and the other good ones. I do not know why Norway is the happiest place on earth. Something that makes me happy are Ipads, yummy food and chocolate. There are 197 countries in the world that is a lot and we Australia came 9th in happiness thanks to not a lot of wars. I was surprised that we came 9th because a very good country. Australia and Norway and the good ones.

canada goose outlet store uk 30 Mar 2017 12:50:26pm canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet black friday I think we came 9th because in other countries they are very canada goose coats on sale popular and a lot of tourists come and visit them. I was a little surprised that we were in 9th because I think we Canada Goose Parka should have come 1st canada goose outlet black friday.