Asians/Japanese soldiers abducted unwilling participants and

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0 points submitted 13 hours agoThey can, but they won because they hungry and there literally thousands, if not millions, of people that they simply won have the manpower to arrest. And this goes canada goose outlet shop back to keeping a privacy canada goose outlet new york city and security culture within unions to provide anonymity and safety for its members.You stuck in the liberal canada goose outlet black friday mindset official canada goose outlet of a hegemonic state where collective direct action won even be considered despite its historical record. Have you forgotten that incidents like the Haymarket incident and Battle of Blair mountain where workers did exactly what I described, which at canada goose outlet parka the very least raised consciousness enough to actually improve labor conditions in the US?So first you have this guy called Pierre Proudhon, and he developed what most considered to be first anarchist theory (he is known for his slogan ”Property is theft!”). He was cool with money and markets, but he felt that all economic transactions between people should be mutually beneficial and that rights to property should be conditional upon occupancy and use.Anarcho communism, which some view as the most extreme form of anarchism in which there is no state, no money, and no class, or any apparatus for unjustifiable hierarchies. They split with the collectivists, who thought that money could be accumulated which leads to the wealth necessary for political power, so they switched to owning labor notes which could not be accumulated, but the anarcho communists objected since goose outlet canada they believe more labor notes canada goose outlet in usa for more labor unjustly puts those who are more inclined towards labor at an unfair advantage over those that are disabled or mentally ill, for example. Then those two groups split with the Marxists (who some canada goose outlet are familiar with) and individualist anarchists, who followed the American tradition of saying, ”Fuck off, I leave you alone if you leave me alone, just let me canada goose outlet do stuff I want and I promise I won bother you, even if that means we decide to have money and you don this really rubbed the anarcho communists and collectivists the wrong way and they canada goose outlet store uk don really talk anymore accept when shitposting for each other mutual aid.Then you have your anti civ people who are like ”I hate money, I hate capitalism, I hate cities, I hate agriculture, I canada goose outlet uk hate technology, I hate literally everything, just please hurry up this ecological collapse so I can die already.” (I exaggerating a little bit here, but not much)I hope that answers your question about money.Also, what would prevent unjust punishment if the police are being canada goose outlet toronto factory bought by someone?We don want police or prisons canada goose https://www.pick-canadagoose.com outlet canada in the first place. Police violently uphold the interests of the state and capitalism. I would much rather live in a canada goose outlet reviews society lacking in poverty and the violence that results from it; this way, I don have to worry about some thug cop brutalizing me if I do or say the wrong thing. Rather, I would prefer to live in a society that free from alienation and dire economic circumstances, so I could trust my friends, family, and community at large to protect my safety and well being. And of course, my neighbors could be free to carry guns if they please; I not scared because the community we live in doesn provide incentives to harm anyone, but we instead help each other for our mutual benefit. Furthermore, if someone commits an act of fraud, coercion, or violence on somebody, the violator will face community sanctions (such as shunning and blacklisting) or for more serious violations, exile. If you can follow the server guidelines, you get canada goose factory outlet kicked. None of canada goose outlet online uk this relies on prisons, which are basically sweatshops that people are okay with.Besides, property rights don exist without a state and enforcing perceived private property rights would canada goose black friday sale require having more force than your opponents.I absolutely agree with you, and this violence inherent in the system is why anarchists oppose canada goose outlet jackets the ownership of private property (here meaning capital or absentee ownership). However, they do make a distinction between private property and personal property, the latter being things that you consume or are using personally without involving other people. So, an anarchist would never make you share your bike canada goose outlet store or a sewing machine you use at home to mend your clothes with.Just know that I am an individual, so my opinions don reflect those of all anarchists. If you want to ask more questions, you can head over canada goose jacket outlet to /r/Anarchy101. Those folks sure like canada goose outlet uk sale answering questions, and I done answering yours, because I about to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. I hope you enjoyed! 2 points submitted 11 hours agoThat was a nice and civil response on r/libertarian. Anyway, I have no interest in communism because it slows progress and reduces everyone to poverty in an attempt to eliminate poverty. I like my premiums such canada goose outlet sale as continually advancing entertainment and vehicles made primarily for entertainment rather than practicality. There also the issue of the community treating communal items poorly. is a dream for someone from the Brazilian favelas or a farmer in South Africa. With capitalism, poverty always exists but the poor continually advance too so it not entirely bad. Don take my quote out of context and say ”poverty is fine” because the connotation is bad but the meaning is not.RS177 1 point submitted 15 hours agoSlavery is bad but that doesn mean whites are particularly worse. Asians/Japanese soldiers abducted unwilling participants and conducted canada goose outlet nyc the worst experiments ever conducted. Unit 731, if I not mistaken.Native Americans would fight other tribes and some sacrificed their tribe members but they seem to have the clearest history.Mayans had far too many rituals with unwilling victims and they also had tribal wars. There are brutal cartels currently operating in Mexico and South America.

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