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canada goose outlet parka comment linux07 21 13:13 it not worth my time to go full on Sophia Loren on your ass. As cheap canada goose uk I said earlier in my other comment, buy canada goose jacket cheap the point is moot as you getting about as much traction/interest as expected. by /u/strange_kitteh removed from /r/linux within 66 76min canada goose outlet parka

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canada goose factory outlet it not worth my time to go full on Sophia Loren on your ass. As I said earlier in my other comment, the point is moot as you getting about as much traction/interest as expected. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose black buy canada goose jacket friday sale Hello again brand new redditor with exact writing same style as OP (btw, if you redditing on a phone, know that the age of your account is displayed on the classic desktop view and it pretty obvious you a puppet account. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose outlet jackets Isn that a direct threat to keep on bullying the OP for your questions You accepted you are a troll and once you seen you have got as you failed to logically answer OP counter questions, you resorted to issue direct threat of cyber bullying. canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose outlet in usa No, not allowing a conversation be completely controlled by someone like an interrogation is not bullying. Really, the only youtube level comments ITT belong to you and puppet accounts (and that one gal/guy who said something about beer license early on). Yes, I said youtube level Canada Goose sale because that exactly what pointing fingers and screeching ”howw rude!!” like an Olsen twin is youtube level. Again, move on. I been telling you that for days but you just can leave an interaction without being canada goose coats on sale supremely dominant, can you? Think about the visual, this is the face of the project projected. I already requested this thread be locked, but the moderators have decided it should stay (yeah, ok, I know that only because I asked for something, but shit it worked, and my conscience is clear). Just to be nice though, once more, move on. canada goose cheap Canada Goose outlet in usa

goose outlet canada https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com How that working out for you? And just for the record I actually requested this thread locked earlier because canada goose I felt bad for you (you work canada goose outlet in the industry and need your reputation, I don But hey, the popcorn is hot and if you keep asking for it with tactics this sad. I keep playing along (again, I just on reddit for fun) goose outlet canada

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canada goose outlet canada goose black friday sale canada Yeah, one is someone expressing the futility of continuing and the other is someone expressing a delusion of power so great they think making demands like they were a dictator would work. In fact, all of my personal projects are not canada goose clearance sale associated with the FSF at all (HA HA! like anyone wants to be associated with that level of shit code!). To revoke those protections in favour of making it more appealing to developers is placing developers and the software itself Canada Goose online above the user; That is a very open sourcer thing to do. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet toronto factory And I sure even RMS wouldn agree with your idea of Free Software Ethos. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada goose outlet new york city If you think otherwise, I invite you to have a three way email conversation with RMS. However, I think it safe to assume that we would agree upon Free software being for the user. BTW, RMS is not a cult leader nor is he a dictator. But, ya know, a Canada Goose Outlet conversation canada goose uk shop with both you and RMS sounds like it will be entertaining. I was one of the gmail invitees waaaay back before they had canada goose uk black friday all the verification requirements and set up an email that has come in very handy for situations just like this over the years (and auto shows, definitely handy for those!); I just PM it too you. Of course, you will email him the thread unedited first, yes? Canada Goose Online Easy enough to verify from the first message I expect. Look forward to hearing from you two :) canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose outlet nyc If forking Hurd could result in poaching out the likes of Bushnell and Thigbault, I sure I sure can poach out RMS himself jusy by forking the whole of GNU. EH? canada goose outlet nyc

official canada goose outlet When did I even mention they? Also, I was referring to potential contributors and I think you were too (fast food wouldn exist if it weren harder to do the right thing). canada goose factory sale Anyhow, I see a new trend of name dropping persons who are not represented here. Furthermore, using the term ”the likes of” denotes a disrespect for the Hurd kernel hackers that many of your comments have had a vague tone of. Lets not include people who cannot speak for themselves canadian goose jacket in the conversation, yeah? Either invite them to join or just don mention them official canada goose outlet.