and the boom kept flying back and forth

Non sailors play testers needed

got into the game a few days ago, non sailor VR player here. Navigation around the club house took a while for me to figure out at canada goose uk outlet first, teleportation uk canada goose outlet would often orient me in a direction i wasn canada goose coats expecting, and snap rotation needed a slow methodical, but firm of the joystick to turn. This took me a while to figure out. I never sailed a boat, but my father was an avid sailor, and i never got past the knot making section of chapter one of the sailing book he threw at me. This game in a way fullfilled a desire I had to expernece or be taught how to sail without the threat of flipping the boat over. Early lessons seemed simple enough. Teleporting to the otherside of the boat caused the boat to Canada Goose Online start spinning perhaps due to me http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org letting go of the rudder or facing the wrong direction when i teleported. Anyway, got nauseous, and had to quit for a day. Tried again the next day and the same thing happened. 3rd day, i just decided not to teleport and do the entire thing from one position. Often the british instructor would tell me to let the sail go, which I had, but couldn figure out how to keep Canada Goose online the boat over 3 mph and collect stars at the same time as it seems that the path to obtain stars was in the 180 no go zone. and the boom kept flying back and forth. I understand that perhaps this is the point / challenge of plotting a path zig zagging to get the stars and keep the speed up. but verbal instructions or a visual guide would have been helpful. The best i could do was 109 seconds. and got pretty frustrated that I could not achive the seaman rank. I wish the water was clearer/ more blue. I even hit a gold star. 4 days i been trying to pass the quick race, 45.01 is the best i gotten. I average about 47 to Canada Goose Outlet 58. I waited off in the distance for the boats to canada goose coats on sale get out of the way as they seem to like taking my wind. I had an AI boat go from 3 knots to a dead stop right before the gold star. only to start moving a moment before i was about to hit it. now that isn fair at all. Experiences like that, and the fact that I been at this game for 4 days and can pass the quick race is honestly making me hate this game. I would rather it be a fun sim over a and making impossible hurdles will only hurt your reviews in my humble opinion. Hopefully we will be able to make the buy canada goose jacket cheap game more enjoyable for others, based on your experience.I may balance it to make it less demanding, but in a off chance you have time and are willing could you record your play session and share with me video? I would love to understand how exactly you are playing it possible that there is some critical piece of information missing in the game, that if only you had would make you complete the race without a problem ( this would be my preferred solution,as I rather make you a good sailor then make a game easier without teaching you anything useful )Btw, I totally understand if you don feel like doing above, in any case thank you so much for providing feedback to date really helpful!thanks for the vid capture link! I hate shaky camera, and went into this thinking I would record a couple of canada goose attempts and upload the smoothest one. This is my very 1st recording in VR and managed to pass the race under 45 for the first time in 4 / 5ish days! Between the boat going into a spin after Canada Goose sale switching sides on the boat, absurd gold canada goose factory sale star placement, wind stealing AI boats, I was pretty annoyed at this game. Because canada goose clearance this was my 1st recording and I didn realize that the video doesn show the lower half of my FOV. Also it is shaky as hell, but Canada Goose Coats On Sale the sailing starts about 45 seconds in. and after sending the boat into a canada goose outlet spin from switching sides, and running the boat into the island, I noticed that the star was at the entrance for the 1st time. and the boats just by dumb luck happened to just get out of my way. I zigzagged and kept the sails tight as per your suggestion, and sat on the left side of the boat (which i don usually do because I can see that wind compass, but thought i try it). no boats to run into me or take my wind this time as I rounded the buoy. I pushed the rope in (again at your suggestion) and then sat on the bow canada goose uk shop (something I saw my dad do in many races). and got sub 45 seconds. This only happened bc I was recording of course. I was going to try to cheap canada goose uk record a better FOV, smoother camerawork of a more typical frustrating race, but I couldn figure out how to start the easy race again, as it just wants me to move onto a long race. I keep fiddling with this open broadcast capture software and see if i can get a more watchable video for you. in the meantime, how do i go back to that easy race. which island / time of day etc?If i sitting on buy canada goose jacket the floor from sailing, i appear in the clubhouse almost on top of the menu and it is at my back. I have no idea where the menu is because I can see it. Snap turning, for some reason, is incredibly slow to register in the joysticks. I have to push the stick 100% to the left or right and hold it for over 1 second to do an incremental turn, and no matter how many times or how long I hold it, I can never fully face the menu. I have to physically stand up and turn my body and take a step back. Yes, I that lazy. (actually i have bad knees and after sitting for a long time it is hard to stand up. I have a sailing question. I noticed that on my that displays Canada Goose Jackets the go red triangle zone sometimes I see Canada Goose Parka a little golden tab. What is that.

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